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Dear Sirs!

We are glad to welcome you on a ROUTE INVEST OÜ web-site.

Today company gives wide spectrum of services in transport and freight forwarding sector. Basic company activities are international freight forwarding and transportations by own vehicle park.

Route Invest OÜ owns international license on transportation by road and all necessary insurance coverages . More detailed about it you can find in heading Autopark.

Thanks to our long-term experience, basic principles were produced in the grant of quality and professional services for our clients.

For our clients we offer next transport and freight forwarding services:


  • international delivery of full truck loads FTL „door-to-door“
  • delivery of collecting and partial loads LTL
  • delivery of goods through custom storages in Europe and the Baltic States
  • concomitant processing of custom documents
  • delivery of dual-use goods, registration of necessary permissions and licenses
  • delivery of ADR loads, having a danger degree
  • delivery of goods in blocks/ simultaneously from two to a few ten of units of autopark/
  • goods delivery by ATA Carnet / Exhibition products, theatre and stage requisites /
  • delivery of antique values
  • express delivery from 100 kg and more
  • receipt of classification solutions and implementation of custom operations
  • complex solutions on transportation of general loads, and also over-sized cargo by different types of transport


List of transported loads:

  • Food production and raw material
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Metallurgical products – black and colored metals, ferro-alloys, cast-iron, steel, iron, rent, copper
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Machinery
  • Equipment: machine-tools, constituent, component parts
  • Dual-use goods
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Textile goods
  • Wood products (sawn timber, rough wood)
  • Paper-cellulose products
  • Chemical products, rubber, mineral fertilizers
  • Elite cars from Europe in the specialized trailers
  • Exhibition products, theatre and stage requisites by ATA Carnet
  • Аntique values

For every client we develope separate route of load tracking,o ffer different types of load insurance. Company owns international freight forwarding insurance, which includes all additional risks on load movement.

Priority in company politics is reliability, efficiency, quality! 


All other services you can also find in headings Multimodal freight forwarding and The organization of transport companies.

At any question please use our feed-back form, or call +372 6980191, from where you will be directed to the specialist.

We wait you in the rows of our permanent clients!


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